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Tough!322 views
Tired Old Bird!.jpg
Tired Old Bird359 viewsOld Albatross shall we say, observing Lou????????
Camp Creek Falls.jpg
That wasn't so bad, was it?352 views
Camp Creek, the end!.jpg
Should have called this Lost Creek387 viewsAfter leaving the Freewill Baptist Camp (really niece folks) the creek suddenly went into a spring??? After becoming acquainted with all the down pines on the mountain side we blundered into where the creek disappeared into the ground, yep, just soaked in the ground. This is not a trickle but, a pretty good creek and it went underground to the spring. footnote: Only springs I saw in the Coast Guard ere made of metal.
Don't try this at home_.jpg
Not for everyone.330 viewsGet in shape before trying this one. There was storm damage well before the 2011 tornado that hit the area and it is over logs and without a trail most of the way.

If you are in good physical shape this will be fun and check your resolve. But, hey, I am old so I SHOULD be tired.
Camp Creek over the rocks.jpg
Just playing possum.348 views
Thats it, I quit!.jpg
I Quit!393 viewsLou, shall we say, observing?
Water In The Trees.jpg
Been there!394 viewsWell, it's all downhill from here. Take that one off Tennessee Landforms.
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